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A bill submitted by the ministry of innovation and technology to lawmakers identifies the tasks of the national data assets agency (NAVÜ) and council and seeks to regulate national data asset management and protection in order to enable better and more secure utilisation of the country’s data assets, the ministry said. National data asset management represents a key element of Hungary’s Artificial Intelligence strategy, the ministry said. Data generated from state administration needs to be utilised more efficiently, and this requires developing an institutional system that can help the comprehensive use of national data assets while providing data services based on fresh analysis of state data, it added.
NAVÜ’s tasks will include operating a national public data portal, setting up and managing a national public data cadastre, processing and analysing anonymised databases and offering data analysis services to the government, markets and citizens, the ministry said. Under the proposal, the agency will generate new data sets after contacting organisations that handle the relevant data. In order to ensure the full protection of personal data, cooperating data managers will be obliged to properly anonymise the data they handle, the ministry said. The proposal focuses on professional processing of large databases and does not affect regulations on access to data in the public interest, it added. The national data assets council is to be established as a government committee comprising ministers whose portfolios are affected by data management, and its tasks will include developing directives and principles for the operation of NAVÜ and the government’s data utilisation policy.