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The government will keep coronavirus-related restrictions in place until February 1, and secondary schools will continue digital education, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

In an interview with public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, Orbán said the restrictions will be maintained until enough vaccines are at hand. The doses delivered to Hungary so far are only enough to inoculate 80,000 people, Orbán said. That is why the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic had decided to keep restrictions in place, he said, adding that “although it feels like we have slowed the epidemic down, it is still a great danger.” The vaccines are safe and necessary, Orbán said, adding that he will be inoculated “when it is my turn”. So far, 42,549 health-care workers have received their first jab, Orbán said, adding that “initial objections seem to have subsided”. Inoculation is ongoing in elderly care homes, and will start in all facilities with more than 150 residents over the weekend, he said. Currently, 80% of all residents and 50% of employees have registered for vaccination, he said. Unlike in the West, the Hungarian government is unwilling to change the regulations until there are enough doses at hand, he said.