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The Szent István University of Agriculture in Gödöllő, near Budapest, will be taken over by a foundation on February 1, the innovation and technology ministry said. The ministry said in a statement that the new management model would ensure “more effective and higher level education”, adding that the foundation’s five-member board was composed of persons “committed to uplifting Hungary’s agriculture sector” who would “add their significant business and managerial skills to the [university’s] academic knowledge”. According to the statement, OTP Bank chief Sándor Csányi, Agriculture Minister István Nagy, Academy of Sciences members Péter Horn and Zoltán Bedő, as well as MP János Lázár will take seats on the foundation’s board. In its statement, the ministry said that “ensuring uninterrupted food supplies is a fundamental requirement for national sovereignty and for economic and social stability”, which requires “practical experts with skills matching local conditions and demand”. “Providing new, strategic foundations for the university’s competitive operations and future development will serve that end,” the document said.