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Only the Fidesz civic government can guarantee the preservation of family support, the minister in charge of families said in an interview published in Wednesday’s daily Magyar Nemzet. Katalin Novák said living standards for the majority of Hungarians had improved, with the income of families with children up 13% last year. Novák said “the largest home-creation programme of all time” would be under way in January and thirteenth month pensions will be gradually reintroduced, while support for mothers raising children under six months old will increase from July. Personal tax exemption for mothers with at least four children was introduced in January, and once the epidemic is defeated and the economy has recovered, the exemption will be extended to mothers with three children, she said.
Novák said much would be at stake in the 2022 general election. She said the opposition had planned to abolish the CSOK family home-creation subsidy during the 2018 election campaign, so “there is nothing new about their anti-family approach”, she said. “It would be naive to think that once the left wing gains a position from which they can have a significant influence on the running of the country, they would not make decisions that harm families,” she added.
Commenting on pensioners, she said the government had increased the purchasing power of pensions by over ten percent. Further, current regulations that raise pensions by the rate of projected annual inflation guarantee “they will not be worse off than others”. “We are reintroducing thirteenth month pensions and there is also a pension premium which has been paid for the past three years. No other government has managed to do this,” she added.