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Justice Minister Judit Varga has commented on Facebook in connection with an interview she gave to BBC’s HardTalk on Tuesday, saying she had made clear in the interview that “the Brussels narrative on the demolition of the rule of law is hypocritical and false”. In the Facebook post on Wednesday, Varga said it was regrettable that “Europe’s best-known and most-watched” programme on politics had relied for its background research on the CEU and civil organisations and news outlets allied to critics of the government. Varga said the “coordinated disinformation campaign” in the western press, waged “with the powerful help of the Hungarian opposition” was easily debunked with legal arguments and facts. “No matter how loudly they shout, no matter how many times it is repeated that Hungary and Poland have blocked the historic agreement, the reality … is that the moral responsibility lies with those who want to rewrite the … unanimous agreement [of the European Council] in July,” Varga said. “Make it clear to everyone that Hungary cannot be blackmailed,” she added. She said Hungary would be the first to adopt the agreement if it were to be tabled again with a draft “free from ideological blackmail and in line with the EU treaties”. “In the meantime, we will do our best to make the voices of Hungary and the Hungarian people louder and louder across Europe, because I believe that the old continent did not need this clear, sincere voice as much as it does today,” she said.