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The opposition Democratic Coalition has submitted a request for data of public interest about the number of hospital deaths in October and November because the party is concerned that the government has manipulated the figures and kept real death figures a secret. DK spokesman Balázs Barkoczi told an online press conference that official Hungarian statistics of recent weeks show a “globally unique trend” because no matter how the number of infection cases, people in hospital and on ventilators was increasing, the number of deaths was not going up. He said he wished this was true but it was practically impossible because anywhere in the world where infections were growing deaths were also growing. DK also expects the government to explain how it is possible that there was a significant increase in the number of deaths among people aged above 65 during the autumn but only a fraction of these deaths were caused by coronavirus according to the official statistics, he said. Ruling Fidesz in a statement called it “outrageous” that leftist parties “fail to set aside their cheap political tricks and keep producing fake news and fake videos, and attacking health-care authorities”. Had it depended on DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany and left-wing parties, the number of infections, deaths and jobseekers would be much higher, “as they continue to hinder rather than assist protection efforts”, the party said.