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Hungary ranks 10th in the European Union in terms of the number of people per million infected by the coronavirus and 15th in terms of the death toll, suggesting that the situation “is worse in most of the EU than in Hungary”, the government website said, adding that pandemic data on various countries is best compared “in the broadest possible timeframe” because data methods varied widely. The EU average number of cases is 150 percent higher than the Hungarian figure, the website said. “It is important to point out that Hungary’s data supply is among the most transparent and open, with every deceased person infected with the coronavirus included in the daily deaths figure, even if the direct cause of death was not the virus but an underlying illness.” Since the start of the pandemic, some 2,784 infected people have died in Hungary. Their average age was 76 and most had an underlying illness. Only 7% of the cases showed no indication of an underlying illness, it added. All Hungarian hospitals automatically report a Covid-related death, and this data is incorporated into the official statistics within 24-48 hours, the website said. The death rate in Hungary is around half the EU average, with worse figures reported from Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Portugal, it added.