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A government official on Monday lambasted teachers’ union PDSZ, saying they were “trying to thwart [coronavirus] protection efforts” when calling on parents to keep their children home from school and kindergarten. PDSZ issued a statement over the weekend, asking parents to keep their children home from public education institutes if they can due to the coronavirus epidemic. Zoltán Maruzsa, the state secretary for education, said PDSZ had “called for a boycott of the end of school exams in the spring”. It is not in the children’s interest to stay at home, and fall behind in school, he said. Schools where the virus has appeared will be closed and return to digital education, he said, adding that “stoking panic” and keeping individual children away from schools and kindergartens that are not infected is not part of the solution. Maruzsa called on PDSZ to “at least stop hindering protection efforts if they cannot help.”