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The situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic is severely difficult in some parts of Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio.

“We’ll manage the situation and together we’ll succeed once more,” Orbán told Kossuth Rádió, adding that: “Our chances are good”. Fully 2,240 intensive-care beds will be needed on Nov. 21 and 4,480 on 10 Dec, according to the latest official assessment, he said. “That’s pretty much the limit of our capacities,” he said, noting that an estimated 4,480 patients in intensive care units would mean around 32,000 coronavirus patients are hospitalised. If the infection reaches beyond this threshold, the authorities have designated locations where adequate medical care can be provided, even outside hospitals if needed, he said. Orbán said that within days or even hours, a decision may be made to reschedule certain low-risk operations and to release more hospital beds.
Also, efforts are being made to ensure schools stay open for as long as possible, he said, adding that when students are in school, they are in a controlled environment. He noted that the average age of Covid deceased was 76.1, and young people should “think not only of yourselves, but also of your parents and grandparents”.