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The National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) has said it will deploy an additional 200 Covid-19 testing units over the coming days.
Demand for Covid-19 tests has risen significantly in recent days, OMSZ spokesman Pál Győrfi told public media. Whereas not too long ago the ambulance service was getting a few hundred requests for Covid-19 tests a day, it has been getting over 5,000 daily requests over the past few weeks, Győrfi said. More recently OMSZ has been getting over 12,000 requests on some days, he added.
In order to meet the increased demand for tests on time, OMSZ, with the help of the Interior Ministry, will deploy 200 extra mobile testing units across the country, Győrfi said. The units will be made up of senior medical students trained by OMSZ and their vehicles will be supplied by the ministry. The additional 200 testing units will “practically double” the ambulance service’s testing capacity, he said.