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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has expressed hope that US President Donald Trump will be re-elected to his post in the upcoming elections.

Presenting a high state award to outgoing US Ambassador David B. Cornstein, Orbán said that everything had changed after Trump’s election four years ago and the designation of the ambassador to serve in Hungary.
“The United States showed an open, honest and friendly approach towards Hungary. Thanks to Ambassador Cornstein, Hungarian-American relations have been restored to their original lustre,” he said. The two countries have developed broad cooperation in diplomacy and foreign affairs; the United States is helping Hungary as a friend and Hungary is acting as the US’s friend in international politics, he said.
Orbán thanked Ambassador Cornstein for “bravely sidelining those who have an interest in generating tension between the United States and Hungary”. “The ambassador knows Hungarians well, he understands what we think about central Europe, the EU and the United States and why, and he knows the key to their heart,” Orbán said.
Thanking the award, Cornstein called the prime minister his friend and a partner, adding that ties between Orbán and President Trump are very good.