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The opposition Socialist Party has accused the government of “misleading” the public concerning the extent of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary. Socialist lawmaker Ildikó Bangó Borbély said Gergely Gulyás, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, was trying to deceive the public by underplaying the situation in Hungary. She said that whereas Gulyás had claimed Hungary was among the most successful countries in fighting against the epidemic, this was no longer the case during the second wave, adding that since mid-September, Hungary’s death figures had been worse than the European average. “Only in the Czech Republic and Romania is the situation significantly worse than in Hungary,” she said. She said it was far from reassuring that the government was prepared to examine the Russian coronavirus vaccine, adding that reports suggested questions remained over its effectiveness. She called on the government to ensure that coronavirus tests are free for all workers and especially for groups at high risk of infection such as health-care and social workers, teachers, mothers and kindergarten staff.