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Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch has slammed left-wing opposition MEPs for “making it their mission to organise attacks against Hungary in Brussels”. Deutsch told a press conference that Momentum Movement MEP Anna Donáth had “happily admitted” to holding regular talks with European Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová, insisting that Donath was on tape as saying that her aim was “to turn the EC against Hungary by spreading misinformation”. He noted that Donáth rejected the accusation.
Further, Deutsch accused all left-wing Hungarian MEPs of working against their country by “badmouthing others, spreading fake news … lecturing, writing letters and reports to their leftist comrades, and drawing on the constant support of Soros organisations,” he said, referring to NGOs funded by financier George Soros. “The attacks of opposition MEPs cast a shadow over all Hungarians, not only those who support the government,” he said. The Fidesz MEP said leftist MEPs voted for every EU proposal that was at odds with Hungary’s interests while failing to submit a single one that favoured their own country, all the while calling their “campaign of blackmail” a fight for the rule of law. He noted that in the spring, left-wing politicians had accused the Hungarian government of using the coronavirus pandemic to pass laws that undermined parliament, adding that their warnings Fidesz was building a dictatorship had been since proven to be unfounded. Deutsch accused Hungarian left-wing MEPs of making it their mission to harm their homeland as much as possible. The Fidesz-Christian Democrats, on the other hand, regard Hungary’s prosperity as their priority, he said.