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The opposition Socialists said Hungary’s government was planning to finance most measures of its economic protection scheme from loans received from Brussels. Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi said on Facebook on Sunday that the cabinet had submitted a 15-point application to the European Commission’s job retention credit scheme and Hungary expects to receive 180 billion forints (EUR 500m) from it.
“I support the scheme and I am glad that the government has finally submitted its request,” Ujhelyi said. At the same time, he said the Hungarian government’s application was not enough to help all employees in need of support. Despite former claims that the European Union was not offering any help to Hungary’s protection efforts, the government is requesting money for protecting the health of state officials and for protective gear to hospitals and health workers, Ujhelyi said. According to Ujhelyi, the cabinet’s application shows that they want to help ruling Fidesz’s “cronies” in the field of tourism rather than SMEs in Budapest that have been “left without real help in the crisis”.