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Bulgaria and its right-wing government is “in the crosshairs of Europe’s Left”, Balázs Hidvéghi, MEP of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz, said after a plenary session of the European Parliament adopted a resolution concerning the state of the rule of law in Bulgaria. The European Parliament said in the resolution that rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights, including the independence of the judiciary, have “significantly deteriorated” in Bulgaria, and condemned police violence against participants of the protests that have been ongoing in the country since June 9. In the resolution approved with 358 votes in favour, 277 against and 56 abstentions, the EP expressed “its solidarity with the people of Bulgaria in their legitimate demands and aspirations for justice, transparency, accountability and democracy.”
Hidvéghi insisted that the EP’s leftist majority “keeps running amok” and argued that “if any member state should have a Christian Democratic government of traditional values the leftist parties will launch an attack under the pretext of the rule of law”. He added that “the concept of the rule of law is now regularly being abused in Brussels”.
Authors of the resolution on Bulgaria listed “the same fabricated accusations” as the leftist majority had already used against Hungary and Poland, Hidvéghi said. “For example, that courts are not independent, nor is the press, same-sex couples are not allowed to marry, the Bulgarian government is not open to gender ideology, and it demands that pseudo-civil groups financed from abroad should be transparent,” the MEP said.
Answering a question, the MEP insisted that “the Left’s tactics is to blame right-wing governments for harming values they did not actually harm”, adding that “some naive members of the European People’s Party are sometimes taken in by that but more and more of them can see through that mechanism”.