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Hungary’s coronavirus death ratio, 85.1 in one million people, puts the country in 12th place among European Union member states, the daily Magyar Nemzet says. The proportion of people dying is over ten times higher in Belgium, the country with the worst indicator in Europe. According to the paper, the situation is also “much worse” in Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden than in Hungary, while the death ratio is over five times higher in France and it is 113.7 in Germany. Mortality figures are only better in Greece, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the paper said.
The paper also noted that the mortality rate was much better in Hungary than in spring. In the past ten days 113 people died altogether, while around 1,000 new cases were reported daily. During the first wave, a similar number of people died, but the number of new cases was about one tenth of the current figures, Magyar Nemzet wrote.