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Various government and state bodies have issued a joint declaration on the importance of combatting corruption. The heads of the Ministry of the Interior, the State Audit Office, the Kuria (supreme court), the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the National Judicial Office, the Public Procurement Office Authority, the National Bank of Hungary and the Hungarian Competition Authority issued the declaration reaffirming their commitment to fighting graft and, in this connection and more generally, upholding the rule of law. It states that moral integrity and ethical conduct are among the cornerstones of a well-governed state and instrumental in maintaining trust in the state and preventing corruption. Hungary’s constitution is the legal bedrock for fighting corruption as it stipulates that “all organisations that manage public funds are accountable to the public”. Cooperation between several of the institutions on combatting graft started in 2011, and more state bodies joined it in the following years. The State Audit Office releases annual reports showing that systems to monitor integrity in the public sector are in working order. The joint cooperation coincides with the objectives of the medium-term National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2020-2022, the statement said.