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Hungarian President János Áder addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, warning of further crises to come unless humanity radically changes the way it influences the environment.

In his video message, Áder noted this was the first time the General Assembly had not met in person. Áder noted the damage the novel coronavirus epidemic has wreaked on the world. He said the health crisis, which upended the rules of family life, work and living in a community, had swiftly turned into a socioeconomic crisis. Many consider the coronavirus pandemic a prototype for crises typical of the Anthropocene, the epoch when humans have the greatest impact on the planet, Áder said. Unless humans radically change their lifestyles, they will have to face new crises after Covid, and perhaps much more severe ones, Áder said. The question is whether humanity can learn from the crisis and act in areas where the danger is known to be imminent, he said. Putting action off would only increase the risks and costs, he added. Áder noted that the UN had discussed the water crisis “unfolding before our eyes” on many occasions. Most of the UN’s sustainability goals cannot be achieved without a sound water management policy, he added.