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Parliament’s European affairs committee has adopted a resolution on showing solidarity with Poland, at the initiative of the ruling Fidesz party. Richárd Hörcsik, the (Fidesz) chairman of the committee, told a press conference that the European Parliament had adopted a resolution on the Polish rule of law on Sept. 17 that “lacked objectivity and made false statements”. He accused its authors of being “ideologically motivated” and of politically blackmailing Poland. The EP, he added, had stepped beyond its remit and delved into matters that, according to the EU basic treaty, were the competences of EU member states. “Hungarian MPs find this political blackmail unacceptable and unworthy of democracy,” he said.
The resolution noted the close historical ties between Hungarians and Poles as well as the close cooperation between the parliaments and governments of the two countries. It states that powers that are not defined by the basic treaty as falling within the scope of the European Union should remain with the member states, including criminal law, justice, education and family law. Also, the protection of the rule of law is the responsibility of national institutions in upholding the constitution of member states, it states. The resolution calls on the Hungarian government to stand by Poland in the European Council and promote the swiftest possible conclusion of Article 7 procedure against it.
Balázs Hidvéghi, a (Fidesz) member of the European Parliament, told the same press conference that left-wing MEPs wanted to force EU member states to accept migrants as well as their “extremist ideology”.