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The opposition Socialist Party will hold its congress to elect officials on Saturday, with the current head of the party’s national board, Ágnes Kunhalmi, and party leader Bertalan Tóth in a joint bid to co-lead the party, the head of the nominating committee said. Imre Szekeres said that two lists had been submitted by Monday’s deadline, but the one submitted by the party’s spokeswoman on health policy, Szófia Havas, had fallen foul of the party’s regulations. Also, former party leader Attila Mesterházy did not qualify. István Hiller, a deputy speaker of parliament, is vying to head the party’s national board. Saturday’s congress is also scheduled to approve the party’s election programme. This will form the basis for negotiations with other opposition parties. The Socialists were originally scheduled to hold their biannual congress to elect officials during the summer but this was postponed due to the novel coronavirus epidemic. The candidates decided online to amend the party’s basic regulations and introduce male and female co-leaders.