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The government's survey on the first lessons learnt from the novel coronavirus epidemic showed that "Hungary must function and the virus must not be allowed to paralyse the country", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview.

The government will not impose the kind of strict restrictions experienced in the first wave of the epidemic, but at the same time it wants to protect the elderly, he said. “The aim isn’t for everyone to stay at home and the country to come to a halt, but to protect Hungary’s ability to function,” he added. The entire population of Hungary “passed the test well” in the first wave of the epidemic, with people “demonstrating discipline … and responsibility”, Orbán said. “I can call it national cooperation.” He said there were several differences between the first and second waves, but one commonality was that the virus threatened the elderly the most and elderly care homes were especially vulnerable, he said. The government will introduce a series of epidemic-related measures and steps to boost economic growth in the coming weeks, he said. The operative board will meet on Saturday early morning and the economic cabinet will also meet later in the morning, he added. Orbán said he would meet heads of government of the Visegrad Group to discuss coordination concerning the pandemic.