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The mayors of Budapest’s 6th, 7th and 14th districts have urged that construction now under way in the City Park should be completed as soon as possible and area returned to residents. Csaba Horváth, opposition mayor of the 14th district, told a press conference on Thursday that the park could not be currently used due to construction works under the contested Liget Project. “The City of Budapest has made it clear that the City Park must be renewed as a public park and the government must accept that no new building should be built,” he said.
Péter Niedermüller, the mayor of the 7th district, said that several components of the project to build a museum quarter, could no longer be reversed and suggested that the park “should be renewed based on a new and reasonable concept”.
László Baán, the ministerial commissioner in charge of the park’s renewal, said that the cordons would be removed in a month or two, once “a pen for dogs and a small botanical garden” are completed. Baán insisted that the government is committed to building a City Park “which has more green surfaces and which benefits visitors more than it did earlier”, adding that the project components completed so far would meet that purpose.
Horváth said in response that “we need evidence rather than pledges”. “They keep creating an appearance that the parkland is growing whereas it isn’t,” he said, adding that no construction worker should be in sight in the City Park after the period of a year.