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The opposition Párbeszéd party has turned to Miklós Kásler, the Minister of Human Resources, with a range of questions concerning policy on how to combat the coronavirus epidemic. Párbeszéd said it wants to know when the national public health authority is going to update its coronavirus procedures which have not changed since June. It also seeks answers as to whether outpatient care will again be suspended, and why testing for the virus has not been made free of charge when it is the case that people are expected to go into quarantine even though they have not entered the country from abroad. Also, Párbeszéd said it wants to know whether GPs over the age of 65 were still expected to carry on frontline work, whether large-scale research will be conducted nationwide, and why the hospital in Kiskunhalas specially built to cater for virus patients is still not being used when rural hospitals are overwhelmed. The party also wants information on the protocol should the virus appear in a school, and whether the whole school would be closed or whether an affected class would switch to online learning. Further, it is unclear who would make such a decision, it added.