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Hungarian Speaker of Parliament László Kövér inaugurated a Hungarian kindergarten and crèche complex in Nagycétény, in south-western Slovakia. The facility has been built in the framework of the Hungarian government’s kindergarten and nursery development programme for the Carpathian Basin, launched in 2017. Addressing the ceremony, Kövér said that the programme was among others that were “laying the foundations of Hungary’s future”. “Every new Hungarian kindergarten will open up new possibilities for learning in the mother tongue and thus for a secure future for Hungarians with a sense of belonging together,” he said.
Construction of the facility began in 2019. The project has cost around 620,000 euros, 500,000 of which have been provided by the Hungarian government, Lajos Ladányi, the head of the board of the foundation in charge of the project, told MTI. The Hungarian programme has a budget of 38.5 billion forints to build or upgrade the kindergarten and crèche network in the Carpathian Basin. It covers the renovation of 165 facilities and the construction of 29 ones in the southern Slovakian region with a large Hungarian population.