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Lawmakers have approved a resolution proposed by the ruling parties regarding the European Union's coronavirus recovery package.

The resolution calls on the government to make its support of the loan package conditional on poorer countries getting at least as much money as richer ones.
It also says that the ongoing Article 7 procedure against Hungary must be concluded before the loan package is approved and that EU funds cannot be used to fund political parties or “organisations posing as civil groups carrying out political activities”. The resolution adds that the package must be depoliticised to ensure that it is not tied to the issue of the rule of law. The resolution was passed with 128 votes in favour, 16 against and one abstention.
Presenting the draft ahead of the vote to the National Assembly, House Speaker László Kövér said that Hungary, even though it did not itself need the loan, was willing to stand in solidarity with southern member states. The loan should be used exclusively to stabilise the EU’s troubled economies and lay the foundations to boost the bloc’s competitiveness, he said. A summit of EU leaders is taking place this week to discuss the EU’s 2021-27 budget and post-pandemic recovery.