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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance would end up with 51% of the vote if an election were held this weekend, assuming the opposition parties ran their own individual candidate lists, pollster Nézőpont said. If the opposition parties ran candidates on a joint list, the ruling alliance would be backed by 56% of voters against a combined 30% support for the opposition, according to the institute’s latest poll. Party preference for Fidesz-KDNP has returned to levels polled early this year and stands at 51% among active voters, it said. Meanwhile, the balance of power among the opposition has shifted somewhat with liberal Momentum becoming the leading force with 16%. They are followed by the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) with 11% and conservative Jobbik with 9%. The Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance and the satirical Two-Tailed Dog party each have 4% support, while green LMP is backed by 3% and radical nationalist Mi Hazánk by 1%, all below the 5% threshold these parties would need to win seats in parliament. “Setting up a joint list would work against the interests of the opposition parties since they would risk losing their identity, the possibility to form their own group in parliament and ultimately their future,” the institute said. Nézőpont conducted the poll with a representative sample of 1,000 voting age adults between June 30 and July 2.