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Opposition Socialist MPs have demanded that punishments for crimes involving child pornography should be made more stringent, in the wake of a recent, “unbelievably lenient” ruling.
Attila Mesterházy told an online press conference that the one year suspended imprisonment handed to Gábor Kaleta, Hungary’s former ambassador to Peru, for owning nearly 20,000 child porn pictures, had “shocked” society and the ruling was “harming people’s sense of justice”. “Ruling Fidesz’s politicians are quiet and it seems the ruling has not shaken them to make any proposals,” Mesterházy said. He noted that the former ambassador had been screened by the secret services and criticised the court for considering Kaleta’s being a civil servant as an extenuating condition.
Fidesz said in a statement that Hungary’s Left had in recent years “sided with criminals” and declined to support proposals aimed at fighting sexual crimes against children. “The Left wing, together with the Soros network have been working to liberalise and ease Hungary’s penal policy,” the statement said.