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Travellers are offered a humanitarian corridor to transit Hungary effective from midnight on Friday (July 3), the national police said on its website.
The measure was announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday. He said that citizens of non-EU countries, except for Serbia, would not be allowed to enter because “that would be against the health interest of Hungarians”.
Travellers passing through the country are required to use a designated route, and are allowed to use designated filling stations and service areas only.
Travellers are required to use the following border crossing points: Hegyeshalom, Rajka, Hont-Parassapuszta, Tornyosnémeti, Záhony, Beregsurány, Csengersima, Vállaj, Nyírábrány, Ártánd, Gyula, Battonya, Csanádpalota, Nagylak, Röszke, Tompa, Udvar, Letenye, and Tornyiszentmiklós, the police website said.