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Hungary will never abandon its "uniformed officers", the prime minister told a graduation ceremony of new police, disaster management and prison officers at the National University of Public Service over the weekend.

“The future for those in uniform doesn’t seem like it’s going to be simple,” Viktor Orbán said, adding that the world was witnessing “surprising and upsetting developments”. “Wealthy countries have seen their health-care systems collapse within a matter of days, rich countries are on the way to financial collapse and major cities are seeing unprecedented waves of violence,” Orbán said. Law enforcement and armed forces “are being humiliated both on the streets and in politics”, the prime minister said. “But Hungary isn’t and will never be that kind of country,” Orbán said. Hungary’s finances are in order, its economy is healthy, the people are willing and able to work and the country’s growth potential is strong,” he added.
The prime minister also said that “all lives matter” in Hungary. “We prefer a world in which there is order, where common sense prevails, where the law protects the innocent rather than the criminals, a world in which we protect ourselves from migration, and were resources are invested into families and children,” he said.