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The Budapest metropolitan council will provide support for jobseekers, small business owners and parents looking to send their children to summer camp, the Mayor’s Office said in a statement. According to the statement, Deputy Mayor Ambrus Kiss, László Kordás, head of trade union federation MASZSZ, and Ferenc Rolek, the deputy head of business association MGYOSZ, on Monday signed an agreement on retroactively reducing rent for micro and small businesses, civil organisations and unions by 25% between March 1 and June 30.
The metropolitan council has vowed to expand the services of the capital’s jobseekers’ office to include social and human services with a view to making it easier for people to find jobs. It has also promised to overhaul its procurement system, map out the city’s idle resources, strengthen links between local businesses and enact measures aimed at boosting demand for the products and services offered by small and medium-sized companies, the statement added. Under the agreement, employers and employees back the city council’s plans to create public health, elderly care and digital welfare programmes aimed at helping fostered workers return to the primary labour market.