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The number of registered coronavirus infections in Hungary increased by eight to 4,102 in the past 24 hours and two elderly patients with chronic underlying illnesses died, said on Monday morning. Fully 2,590 Covid-19 patients have made a recovery and there are 940 people who have active infections. There are 184 coronavirus patients in hospital, 14 of whom are on ventilators. Altogether, 39% of active infections, 60% of deaths and 48% of recoveries have taken place in Budapest. Fully 3,528 people are in official home quarantine and the number of tests conducted stands at 258,115.
The state of emergency has been lifted and medical preparedness measures are in effect. The threat of an epidemic has not disappeared and basic protection measures are still needed, the website said, adding that it is still compulsory to wear a face mask in shops and on public transport.
Most infections have taken place in Budapest (1,946), followed by Pest County (605) and the counties of Fejér (376), Komárom-Esztergom (302) and Zala (260). Békés and Tolna counties have had the least with 13 infections each.