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It is vitally important to maintain vigilance against any possible resurgence of the novel coronavirus in the country, the chief Medical Officer told an online press conference. Cecília Müller noted that the pandemic around the world was still a major problem and “epidemiological preparedness” still needed to be maintained in Hungary. Addressing a news conference of the operative board responsible for containing the epidemic, she added the situation in neighbouring countries was still uncertain and the virus was still present in Hungary. Müller also said many parents sought child care during the summer holidays, and grandparents who do not have an illness making them vulnerable to the virus could care for children who are healthy. Meanwhile, she said people travelling abroad should familiarize themselves with the rules that apply to their destination by going to the website of the foreign ministry or the World Health Organisation (WHO).
The operative board’s spokesman, Róbert Kiss, noted that parliament is scheduled to vote on terminating the state of emergency today. Accordingly, travel restrictions related to health-care staff and law-enforcement employees, as well as government officials, will cease. Further, the general public will be allowed to go out to cinemas and theatres, he said. He noted that an epidemiological unit for deployment to emerging virus hotpots was set up on Monday.