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Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler praised the “successful” end to the first phase of Hungary’s efforts against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The country’s health-care system can now “gradually and carefully” return to its pre-epidemic routine, Kásler told reporters. Hungary’s health-care professionals have gained a lot of experience during the epidemic, Kásler said, adding, at the same time, that “we have to reconsider our approach to various diseases, the structure of Hungarian health care, as well as the role of national institutes, medical universities and regional health centres”. He noted the government’s national health programme, which “provides a new approach to be followed by (changes in) structure”.
Kásler said that the treatment of Covid-19 patients is being centralised, “first to eight large hospitals in Budapest and then to the St. László Hospital and the Korányi Pulmonology Institute”. He added that coronavirus patients were now being treated in 41 hospitals nationwide, but 15 of them had only a few such patients each. Centralisation is aimed at preventing the formation of infection clusters, as well as providing Covid-19 patients the best possible care, he added.