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A new wave of migrants heading towards Europe, presenting health and security risks, is possible due to the pandemic, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said. Fourteen European Union foreign ministers held a videoconference at Spain’s initiative to discuss the situation in the Mediterranean, the minister noted on Facebook. Before the pandemic, the region faced serious hardships, he said. Ever since, these have mounted further, he added. “Our position is clear: the European Union must make every effort to prevent new migration waves starting from north Africa,” he said. Two things are necessary to achieve this, he said. “Our borders must be strictly protected and developments must be carried out in places where they’re needed most.” Szijjártó said Hungary was taking its fair share in these endeavours by “offering help to several north African countries maintain drinking water supplies and health services”. “Additionally, we are offering scholarships to 1,200 young north Africans at Hungarian universities, and we have supported persecuted Christians with 22 million euros so far,” he said. Szijjártó said Visegrád Group countries are aiding epidemic measures and border protection in Libya with a donation of 35 million euros.