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Tamás Deutsch, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, has slammed the European Parliament's "pro-migration, left-liberal majority" for "performing a pathetic and transparent political circus act" by holding a debate on Thursday on Hungary's response measures to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Europe’s coronavirus death toll stands at 160,000, millions have lost their jobs and even in a situation like this “the groups of the Soros network are preoccupied with attacking Hungary,” Deutsch said. He said Hungary was being criticised for its epidemic response law “by the same forces who were attacking it for rejecting immigration and building a border fence”.
Hungary has been at the receiving end of “an unprecedented level of baseless political attacks” in the EU, Deutsch said. He added, at the same time, that the epidemic response law was “only an excuse” for the criticisms, noting the EC’s recent confirmation that the law was consistent with EU standards. He said it had also become clear that the EP’s previous resolutions had contained “deliberate lies and factual inaccuracies” about the law and Hungary.
“Those attacking Hungary have for years been preoccupied with exerting pressure on Hungary’s firmly anti-migration policies and replacing the nationally-minded government with a liberal pro-migration one that would serve the Soros network,” Deutsch said.