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Ruling Fidesz has maintained its lead in the polls, with support of over 50% among decided voters, the Nézőpont Institute said.
Among decided voters, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats’ support has grown to 54% by May from 51% in the beginning of the year, Nézőpont said. Meanwhile, support for the opposition coalition has fallen to 38%, it said.
Of the opposition parties, the Momentum Movement is leading with 13% among decided voters, while the Democratic Coalition’s support has fallen to 11% and Jobbik’s to 9%. The Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance is at three percent, LMP at two percent, and Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) at one percent, the pollster said. The non-parliamentary satirical Two-tailed Dog party would garner 6% were the election held this Sunday, Nézőpont said. In the whole population, the ruling parties have the support of 43%, some 3.5 million people. The opposition coalition is supported by 26% of all voters, or some 2 million people, Nézőpont said. The poll showed that 72% of Hungarians are “satisfied” with how the government is handling the coronavirus epidemic. That means that 41% of opposition voters also approve of the government’s work in this respect, the institute said. Nézőpont conducted the research on May 7-8 by phone, on a representative sample of 1,000 people.