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A further easing of novel coronavirus-related restrictions will not come before the end of next week, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

In an interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, Orbán said experts maintained that until the number of deaths start to fall, “we should be careful about reopening Budapest”. Orbán asked decision-makers and journalists to resist believing “they understand [the coronavirus epidemic] better than the experts do”. On the subject of whether schools should reopen before the summer holiday starting on June 15, Orbán said he had not seen “any great demand” for this to happen. If there is, the government will consider reopening schools, he said. Orbán praised the public education system and Hungarian teachers, saying that the transition to digital education “has turned out to have worked well … and that we have excellent teachers”. Teachers in Hungary have risen to the task “like nowhere else in Europe”, Orbán said. Commenting on school graduation exams which started on May 4, Orbán said: “Some thought it was impossible to do … but reality has shown otherwise”. Only three percent of students decided to postpone their exams, he noted. “Our education system has done well,” he said.