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A US-based Hungarian immunologist has developed a medication he says could prevent the cytokine storm, an overreaction of the immune system. This kind of immune response can be triggered in Covid-19 patients. In an interview published in the daily Magyar Nemzet, Lajos Baranyi said the cytokine storm caused severe and possibly lethal pneumonia due to an overproduction of peptides with toxic breakdown products.
The recently developed therapy involves a complex drug currently in the process of being patented which would be administered intravenously or injected, Baranyi said. The therapy is yet to undergo clinical trials, which, he added, may take place in Hungary. Also, the drug’s eventual production may also be located in the country, he added. The drug would be “extremely cost effective and easy to produce”, Baranyi said. Ferenc Jakab, the head Hungary’s coronavirus working group, has agreed to contact a “large European nonprofit” to fund the trials, he said.