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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pointed out in his letter to EPP members and leaders that the European Commission had since confirmed that “these attacks are unfounded”. He cited Věra Jourová, the European Commission’s vice-president in charge of transparency and values, as confirming that Hungary’s epidemic response law was in compliance with EU laws. Orbán noted the European Parliament had censured Hungary in a resolution on April 17, and he accused the EP of incorporating “lies” into the text, thereby “making fools of themselves”. He added that the EP archives would preserve this iniquity, while at the same time the European Commission’s view of the matter would counterbalance the “political hysteria” surrounding Hungary. He said the damage could not be undone. At the same time, he expressed thanks “to our true allies” for “standing up for us” and speaking the truth in the face of pressure.
He said Fidesz would not allow its political opponents to take self-serving ownership of the rule of law as a political tool. Orbán added that Fidesz remained a leading conservative force.