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Patients can again make appointments with their GPs, dentists and other doctors, Miklós Kásler, the human resources minister, said. Some transplant operations and one-day surgeries will also be resumed. Patients are required to make the appointment by phone, Kásler said, adding that a maximum of four patients can be consulted in one hour and offices must be disinfected after the visit of each patient.
Concerning possible therapies for coronavirus patients, Kásler said that experimental treatments in Hungary were “promising”. He said that a patient in Budapest’s St. László hospital had been treated with the plasma of a donor who had recovered from Covid-19. The patient no longer needs to be supported by a ventilator, and will hopefully be released from hospital soon, the minister added. Six patients have received Tocilizumab, a medicine used to address haematological problems, Kásler said, adding that the therapy has prevented the condition of four patients from deteriorating, while another patient has been taken off ventilator.