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Hungary’s schools will stay closed in May, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office has said, adding that the government will make a decision at a later date on whether to reopen schools in June.
Gergely Gulyás told an online news conference that the education system was ready to administer the secondary school final examinations starting on Monday, adding that the exams would be held in such a way as to minimise health risks to the greatest extent possible. Over 97% of the school-leavers have chosen to take the exams now, while the rest can take them in the autumn, he added. Meanwhile, a ban on holding public events with more than 500 participants will stay in effect until August 15, Gulyás said.
The government has decided to lift curfew measures and introduce more lenient regulations outside Budapest and Pest County, he said, but warned that preventive measures should continue to be observed. Outside the capital and Pest County, the terraces of restaurants, hotels and cafés will be allowed to re-open from May 4. Gulyás said that free parking will be maintained across the country. He argued that the measure had not brought about a significant increase in traffic, while it has helped people avoid having to use public transport.