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State Secretary Zoltán Kovács has sharply criticised Bloomberg for applying “double standards” in his reply to an editorial published on the media holding’s website.
Bloomberg’s Andreas Kluth, in his article entitled “Coronavirus has exposed the EU’s creeping irrelevance”, called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a “tin-pot dictator” who has “largely neutered Hungary’s opposition, courts and press, and last month he took the pandemic as his pretext to rule by decree”.
In his reply, Kovács said that several other European countries had also introduced a state of emergency and some governments had acquired much larger powers than Orbán’s temporary authorisations, referring to the German, Swiss, and Spanish governments as examples. “Kluth also ignores the inconvenient fact that these extraordinary measures are popular with the Hungarian people, with nearly 60% saying they should be extended until the end of the pandemic.” Kovács also quoted Ledia Lazeri, the head of WHO’s Budapest office, as saying that Hungary’s measures have been instrumental in “avoiding an exponential increase” in confirmed coronavirus cases.