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Zoltán Kovács, state secretary for international communications and relations, on Friday rejected critical remarks by the head of the Human Rights Watch concerning the Hungarian government’s coronavirus-related measures. In an article published on website EUObserver, Kovács said that the Hungarian measures have so far been effective in flattening the curve of the epidemic.
Kenneth Roth, managing director of HRW, recently suggested that the Hungarian government had taken authoritarian measures and was taking advantage of the epidemic to enhance its powers further.
“While the director of Human Rights Watch gazes at his navel in Geneva, fretting about ‘authoritarian rot,’ the Hungarian people look for a steady hand at the rudder to navigate this storm,” Kovács said in his article. “They also conveniently omit the fact that many EU states have imposed a state of emergency and some given the government sweeping powers,” the state secretary added. Kovács insisted that critics of the Hungarian government were aided and abetted by Hungarian liberals, adding that they had no
evidence to support their position. “At a time when the action of sovereign national governments have proven effective, it’s time to stop the globalist rot undermining European solidarity,” he wrote.