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Opposition Jobbik has called on the government to create the capacity needed for the fight against novel coronavirus by converting hotels into hospitals instead of “emptying the beds” of health-care institutions. Jobbik leader and group leader Péter Jakab told an online press conference that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s pledge in a radio interview broadcast earlier in the day that the government would not give up on any patient was “the greatest lie”. “When 36,000 beds are being emptied, they are doing nothing else but giving up on 36,000 potential patients”, he said. The prime minister has absolute power and he must bear the responsibility for every life lost, Jakab added.
Jakab called it “appalling” that hospitals were being scaled back under the pretence of the state of emergency when hospital care and capacities should instead be developed. He reiterated a Jobbik proposal that secondary school students should not be expected to pass their school-leaving exams and instead receive marks based on their school performance.