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In the event the spread of the epidemic may not be controlled or eliminated, there will be masses of patients who will need hospital beds, intensive care and a ventilator, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a radio interview, adding that “I live my life everyday doing this work”. Hungary will reach such a level of preparedness by May 3, the prime minister insisted. Orbán told Mária Rádió that from his experiences of meeting many of his compatriots each day during the current crisis, he found that Hungarians “are more open, understanding and helpful”. He said, however, that Hungarians had received “a warning”. Whereas the economy had been booming, wages were rising, everyone had a job, the aim, he said, was not only to prosper but to live a good life. “By all means, take advantage of opportunities, get rich, have a job and buy a new car … but remember that these things in themselves do not bring about bountiful or beautiful life; you have to make an effort … and you mustn’t forget about each other.”