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The Socialist party has said the Hungarian government was “on the verge of completely losing voters’ trust” because it was “playing dirty” and obstructing the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.
Lawmaker Ildikó Borbély Bangó told an online press conference that people could only be expected to adhere to restrictions during the state of emergency if the government provided “fast, credible and full” information. She insisted that the government did not conduct mass testing for the virus “to keep the real number of those infected a secret”. The government’s decision to have sixty percent of hospital beds freed for potential coronavirus patients means that more people could die due to lack of other treatments than because of Covid-19, Bangó insisted. In response, ruling Fidesz called on the Socialists to “at least stop obstructing protection efforts if they can’t lend a hand”. The party called Bangó’s remarks “outrageous”, adding that the epidemic warranted joint efforts rather than political disputes.