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Regarding the European Union’s criticism of the government’s epidemic response bill which the parliament passed on Monday, Orbán said Brussels “is preoccupied with us instead of the virus”. “We cannot have anything more important to do than saving lives. That requires cooperation and unity,” he said.
“They are sitting in a bubble in Brussels and telling us what to do instead of saving lives,” Orbán said. What’s most important, he said, was “not to rise to the provocation”.
Hungary’s parliament is working at full force and the state of emergency powers granted to the government and the prime minister are about the same as the powers of the French president in peacetime, Orbán said. He said “a political attack” was under way because “some people would like to rob this country and acquire its resources”. “This network is headed by George Soros and his people … in Brussels from where criticism comes,” he added. Hungary, he said, has received practical help from member states of the Turkic Council and China, he said.