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The spread of novel coronavirus infections in Hungary is steady and there is no sign of a surge in the number of cases, Cecília Müller, the chief medical officer, said.

Exponential growth seen in some neighbouring countries has not been witnessed here, thanks in all probability to the protection measures taken, she told an online press conference. Carriers are passing on the virus to one or two people in their close vicinity, she added. Müller noted that so far 20 people have died in Hungary after contracting Covid-19. Their average age was 73, she said. Of the deceased, 12 were men and 8 women, she said.
Müller said no one, including young people, was out of danger and cases have been reported from all counties, with densely populated areas hit more severely. Still, small localities cannot expect to be spared, she warned. Concerning allegations in the press that the BCG vaccine, given in Hungary to newborns to prevent TB, could be effective against coronavirus, Müller said that experiments were under way to ascertain the theory. If the results are positive, it will be good news for Hungarians, she said, adding that everybody born in the country since 1953 has had the shots.