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Conservative opposition Jobbik has demanded the withdrawal of a government decree delegating soldiers, police and disaster management forces to the premises of important Hungarian companies. Sending the uniformed forces to companies “surely serves [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán’s power endeavours, but this definitely does not serve the fight against coronavirus,” party lawmaker Andrea Varga-Damm told an online press conference. She insisted that the government decree was unlawful, not being grounded either by the constitution or the state of emergency provision. The law states that companies can be obliged to carry out certain activities in a state of emergency, including producing certain goods and providing certain services for the state, she said, but their obligations stopped there.
If the situation gets more critical, the finance minister was within his rights to appoint a commissioner to the companies, she added. Hungarian laws do not allow for soldiers to be sent to attend the premises of companies, she said, adding that none of the companies in question had indicated their operations were endangered. Jobbik will not support any measures at next week’s parliamentary session that serve to bolster Orbán’s powers, she said.