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The government has created the conditions for clear, credible and reliable information flow on the coronavirus epidemic, and citizens can find the latest, clearest and most accurate information on the infection on the website, the state secretary for international communications and relations told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió. The most important task is to eliminate rumours and hoaxes. “We must speak responsibly about the virus,” he said, adding that “this is especially important advice for the sensationalist press, including the opposition media in particular.” Kovács cited the example of the false rumours that Budapest and Debrecen would be completely quarantined, which circulated for 3-4 days. The government always systematically provides reliable news to the public and the press, providing clear guidance each day, with experts informing the press after meetings of the operative board in charge of handling the new coronavirus, he said, adding that the opposition was showing “political irresponsibility” by making statements for political gain. He said that instead of attacks, the government expected clear cooperation from the opposition, which is in the interest of Hungary and the Hungarian people.